• Good luck at the LPGA Amateur Championship Finals on Oct 13-14th in Palm Harbor, FL!

    Congrats to the following Westchester members who won at the LPGA Amateur Championship Regionals and are off to play in the Finals!   Scramble:  Lisa Edmonds, Mija Deering, Coleen Banks, Ann Kuehnel;   Fourth Flight:  Lucy Guo
  • Congrats to the Cup Teams who are advancing to 2018 LPGA Amateurs Cup Finals!

    Birdie Girls:  Paula Schauwecker (Captain), Lucy Guo, Kendall Crosswell, Dee Dong, Prentiss Shaw, Jules Natowitz, Therese Rabieh, Linita Shih;  Natural Hazards: Anne Brillantes (Captain), Cindy Crowley, Donna DeMarco, Mary Sue Snyder, Terri Lyman, Linda ...
  • Hats off to Winners of 2018 Chapter Championship

    Scramble 1st: Mary Sue Snyder, Donna Fama, Susan O'Dowd, Suzan Ryan; Scramble 2nd: Lisa Edmonds, Mija Deering, Coleen Banks, Ann Kuehnel; 1st Flight - Low Gross: Prentiss Shaw; 1st Flight - Low Net: Patty Bottomley; 2nd Flight - Low Gross: Terri Lyman; 2nd ...
  • Congrats to Lorraine Krsulich for her Hole-in-One!

    Lorraine Krsulich aced the 3rd hole at Hollowbrook Golf Course on Wednesday, June 6th -- way to go Lorraine!
  • Congrats to Rosemary Lang for her Hole-in-One!

    Hats off to Rosemary Lang for her Hole-in-One on the 9th hole at Sprain on June7th!
  • Congratulations to Scramble Team Winners for 2018 Charity Event

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Charity Event Team Scramble:   FIRST PLACE: Hilary Tuohy, Mick Tuohy, Denise Kulikowsky, Bill Kulikowsky SECOND PLACE: Sheila Finn, John Finn, Sharon Snyder, Tony Lee THIRD PLACE: Anne Brillantes, Linda ...
  • Congratulations to the Winners of Par 3 Challenge

    Congratulations to the winners of the EWGA Westchester Par 3 Challenge! LOW GROSS:  Margaret Hirsch and Becke Buffalo LOW NET:        Caitlin Rascelles and Brian Rascelles
  • LAST CALL to Register for Leagues

    There are a few spots open in the Summer Leagues - register today!
  • Congrats to Annette Fiorentino for her Hole-in-One at Sprain!

    Hats off to Annette Fiorentino who aced the 9th hole at Sprain Lakes Golf Course on Wednesday, May 10th!
  • EWGA Chapter Championship - NEW NEWS FOR 2017

    Two Scramble teams will advance to the Regionals from each Chapter Championship!    Put together your team and register today.
  • EWGA Cup Registration Opens on April 1

    Online registration for the EWGA Cup Northeast Region Qualifier opens at midnight on April 1.    Get your team together and register today - the field is limited to 14 teams!
  • NEW: EWGA Westchester Outstanding Service Award

    Announcing the new Outstanding Service Award to recognize the "best-of-the-best".   Will be awarded each year to the Member who has gone above and beyond in their volunteer service and support of our Chapter!    This award recognizes an EWGA Westchester ...