Our Leagues

About Our Leagues

Our Leagues offer weekly fun and competitive play, in addition to an opportunity for socializing and networking on the golf course as well as after play. League play provides you with an opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled tee times - one of the best ways to improve your golf game. It is also a great way to meet and get to know other LPGA Amateur Golf Association members. You must be an LPGA Amateurs member to participate.  Please contact membership.LPGAAmateurs.WCH@gmail.com to get more details on membership.

The Westchester Chapter offers a variety of league opportunities for beginners to intermediate and advanced players.
  • New Golfer Leagues offer regular league play opportunities for beginner golfers or those who have only played occasionally and may not have a handicap.    Our New Golfer League is held at Saxon Woods Golf Course on Tuesday evenings.    
  • Social Golfer Leagues offer regular playing opportunities on challenging courses for a range of players from advanced beginners with more golf experience, to intermediate and advanced players.   We offer several Social Golfer Leagues during the season at Saxon Woods Golf Course and Sprain Golf Course.  
  • Competitive Golfer Leagues provide competitive team playing opportunities on more difficult courses for experienced advanced players.    Our Competitive Golfer Leagues is held at Westchester Hills Country Club.  We also offer a Spring competitive league at Doral Arrowwood and a new competitive league at Hampshire Country Club in the summer.  
For more information on the league schedule or to register for a league, click here.

Levels of Play

Selecting a league that will be both fun and challenging is important. We encourage you to select the league that best matches your skill level.

New Golfer Leagues (Rookie and Beginner)
  • Does not play regularly
  • Has had no lessons or group lessons only
  • May not keep score; picks up often
  • Is uneasy with experienced golfers
  • Has not established a handicap index yet
Social Golfer Leagues (Advanced Beginner to Advanced)
  • Plays regularly: weekly to 1-2 times a week
  • Practices sometimes to fairly often
  • Uncomfortable in competition
  • Has an official USGA handicap
  • Handicap Range: under 40 to under 32 (18 holes)
Competitive Golfer Leagues (Advanced)
  • Plays regularly: 1-2 times a week or more
  • Practices fairly often
  • Plays comfortably in competition
  • Has an official USGA handicap
  • Handicap Range: under 30 (18 holes)

League Policies

League Sign-up Policy
League sign-up is on a first-come first serve basis. The first opportunity to sign up for any of our leagues is at our annual Tee-Off Luncheon.  Most leagues are limited to 32 players. Greens fees for the entire season are due when you sign-up, and there are no refunds. 

Handicap Verification Policy
Players who want to register for any league other than the Beginner League must provide handicap verification upon registration. Players who do not have a handicap but who have entered scores, should provide a printout of their score record and/or score card copies. Players may be asked to have another player with whom they have played vouch for/verify their estimated handicap. The League and Handicap Chairs may be called upon to determine which League a player is eligible for.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, call the golf course after 3:30 p.m. (for 9 hole leagues) to inquire whether league play will occur on that day. There will be no rain dates provided in the Saxon, Maple Moore, or Sprain leagues; these leagues have been extended to 12 weeks to account for rain cancellations.  Doral Arrowwood provides a rain check for league play cancellations due to weather.

SubList and Guest Policy
If unable to play, you can choose to contact someone from the sublist to cover for you, but LPGA Amateurs Westchester does not guarantee a sub will be available. Please make sure you notify your foursome if a sub is playing for you. Missed play is not made up.
If a substitute player is needed in a league and there are no subs available from the league sublist, a league player may bring a non-member ONCE as a guest substitute for that night. The substitute player is required to pay the greens fee like any other substitute player. If a guest plans on substituting more than once, they are required to join LPGA Amateurs Westchester and pay the substitute fee.

Code of Conduct and Etiquette
Etiquette covers both courtesy and priority on the course, as well as care of the course. The major etiquette points outlined above are not rules, but are a very important part of the game and should be followed as closely as possible. All league players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately on the golf course. Players are expected to follow all local rules and rules of behavior, including dress code. LPGA Amateurs reserves the right to terminate a player's participation in the league if that player is found to not be in compliance with the rules. If a player is terminated, her league fee is not refundable.