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About Our Golf Education

Golf_Ball_Education_Cap.jpgLPGA Amateur Golf Association - Westchester offers a wide range of golf education experiences including lessons, weekly group clinics, on course instruction, online videos and articles and more.  Whether you’re a new golfer just learning the game or an intermediate or experienced golfer focused on honing your skills, we offer a variety of level-specific learning opportunities that will fit into your schedule.    

We schedule a number of golf clinics throughout the season, focusing on:

  • Building the Fundamentals  - these clinics are suited for New and Beginner golfers who are just getting starting with the basics: stance, grip, consistency, making solid contact with the ball, building confidence and more.  We also have sessions that will help you get ready to play on the course, covering the basic rules of golf, course etiquette and how to prepare for and manage your round. 
  • Taking your Game to the Next Level  - these clinics are geared towards Intermediate golfers and beyond, focusing on techniques and strategies to improve your game.   Our Pre-League Prep clinics early in the season help to work out the "winter kinks" and focus on the fundamental golf swing.  There's even an on-course session with Chapter mentors to help you learn how to play in a tournament.   
  • Honing your Skills - these clinics are geared towards golfers of all levels and help you become more consistent by focusing on specific parts of your game.    Our Stroke Saver clinic series focuses on improving your putting, chipping and pitching.   We have lessons that help you learn strategies for dealing with various situations you may find out on the course - uneven lies, getting out of fairway and green side bunkers, club selection and more.  
For more information, schedules and to register for our upcoming clinics, visit our  LPGA Amateurs Westchester event calendar.

Clinics FAQ

Q: I am new to golf. Should I sign up for a League?
A: No. Most likely you should sign up for several clinics. A league requires on course experience, knowledge of the game and etiquette. You will feel more comfortable taking our clinics, which are usually given on the range, which will be more fun.

Q: How do I sign up for an LPGA Amateurs Westchester clinic?  Where do I find information?
A. Clinics are listed under upcoming events in the category LEARN.  Click on the clinic you are interested in and you will be brought to the registration page.  All new clinics are announced first via email to the Westchester membership. Walk-ins the night of the clinic are not permitted.

Q : Where are clinics held and who conducts them?
A: The LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Westchester Chapter attempts to host clinics at many local courses. The clinics are run by LPGA or PGA Golf Professionals.  Courses where clinics are held include: Saxon Woods,  Doral Golf Course, Pleasantville Country Club,  Appowamis Golf Course, Hampshire Country Club. 

Q: Which clinic should I attend?
A: Most clinics are given during the week in the evening usually starting around 6:00 pm. You should select a clinic based on your skill level and focus area. You should participate in a clinic that is suited to your level of play and not simply based on convenient geographic location. To determine your level of play, please review the definitions listed in the education policy section of the site. For example, if you are still a beginner, you should continue to take beginner clinics. Sometimes, players stay at the beginner level for a few years before improving their game.

Q: I am a Beginner golfer but have already taken a Beginner clinic.  I want to take another clinic. Do I move onto Intermediate clinics?
A: It depends. You can repeat a Beginner clinic several times as you will always pick up a new skill. There are several levels of beginner golfers which are defined below. You should not advance to the next level until you have demonstrated the ability as defined in the next level of play.

  • Beginner: Players who have played on a golf course less than 5 times, have little or no golf instruction and have no knowledge about the rules or etiquette.
  • Beginner Plus: Players who have played on a golf course at least 5 times, have some golf instruction, have limited knowledge of the rules and etiquette (they know that the furthest away from the hole hits) and consistently score in the 60s for nine holes.
  • Novice: Players who have played on a golf course at least 15 times, know some etiquette and the basic rules (ex: when to take a penalty stroke), and usually score in the high 50s for nine holes.
  • Intermediate: Players who play fairly consistently, know the basic etiquette and rules, and usually score at least in the low 50s for nine holes.
  • Advanced: Players who play consistently, know most of the etiquette and rules, and usually score at least in the mid 40's for nine holes.
Q: What do I need to bring with me to a clinic?
A: You should definitely bring golf clubs with you and dress appropriately depending on the weather as all clinics are held outdoors. If you do not have golf clubs, you can borrow from a friend or check with a local golf course pro shop to see if there are any pre-owned clubs for sale.  

Q : What do I do if I can't make one week of the clinic?
A: There are no refunds, cancellations or makeups. Unfortunately, you will miss a week's lesson if you are unable to attend.

Q: I'd like to bring a friend who is not a member with me to the clinic. Am I allowed to do so?
A: The friend needs to be an LPGA Amateurs member or be in the process of becoming a member. Participation in LPGA Amateurs clinics is for LPGA Amateurs members. We always welcome new members!

Q: How often are clinics given?
A: Clinics begin in late winter and run continuously throughout the season until early September. As clinics become available, an email blast is sent to the members and the flyer is posted to the website.

Q : I'm new to golf—should I take a clinic first or should I sign up for private lessons?
A: This depends on the individual. If you are brand new to the sport of golf, a clinic is a good way to determine if this is a game you want to pursue. A clinic will also give you a good overview of the game and allows you to meet new people at your same skill level.