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Meet the 2019 LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Westchester Board



Lisa Brady

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Lisa joined the LPGA Amateurs in June 2011 and this is her second year as Chapter President.   Lisa served as Golf Programs Director from 2015-2017, where she had been organizing all of our golf Leagues.   Previously, Lisa served as Captain of Saxon Beginner League and the Saxon Intermediate League.   

Contact Lisa if you have any suggestions for the Westchester Chapter and for anything you’d like to see in the monthly President’s Newsletter.

Membership Recruitment Director

Amy Bender

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Amy has been involved in the golf industry for over three decades and is entering her 6th year with the LPGA Amateurs.  As Membership Recruitment Director, Amy will manage all aspects of active and future members involvement with the LPGA Amateurs - Westchester Chapter.  Amy is the mother of 5 kids and is very active in the Tarrytown UFSD community. She is the owner of a floral design and event planning company, “Five Flowers”.  In addition to her flower business, Amy works for her husband in the pro-shop at Ardsley Country Club.

Contact Amy if you have a question about any membership-related items, especially about new membership, renewal information, joining dual chapters, or email/registration issues.

Membership Services Director

Jackie Celestino

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Jackie joined LPGA Amateurs in Feb 2012 and plays in the Competitive League.   This is her third year on the Board serving as Membership Services Director, where she arranges all of our Social events for the season and coordinates volunteers for all of our events.  

Contact Jackie if you'd like to lend a hand or if you have any ideas for Social events throughout the year. 

Golf Events Director - Linda Boyer

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Linda has been a member of LPGA Amateurs since March 2007 and is currently the Golf Events Director. She has been an active member of the Board since 2013, previously serving a two year term as Communications Director and three years as Handicap Chair.    Linda plays in the Westchester Hills Competitive League as well as in many of our Chapter's golf events.  She is also the Associate Director of the Girls Golf of Rockland Westchester program.

Contact Linda if you have questions about any of our golf events or suggestions for new golf venues, Connect-to-Play or League Sublist message boards, or for information on our Girls Golf Program.      

Golf Programs (Leagues) Director

Diane Piedmont

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Diane joined LPGA Amateurs in 2011 and plays in the Competitive League.  This is her second year on the Board serving as Golf Programs (Leagues) Director, where she will be organizing all of our golf Leagues.

Contact Diane if you have any questions about our leagues regarding schedules, registration, policies or our league sublist.  

Marketing Director

Laura Massari

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Laura first joined LPGA Amateurs in May 2006 as a member, and joined the Board as Marketing Director in March 2012.  Laura plays in the Competitive League where she and her teammate Denise Kulikowsky came in first place in 2015.   Laura coordinates our eBlasts for education and social events and manages our social media sites.  

Contact Laura if you have any suggestions for our eBlasts or our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or with any media opportunities.

Communications Director

Dee Dong

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Dee is a new member of LPGA Amateurs who joined the chapter in 2018 and is new to the Board in 2019. As Communication Director, Dee coordinates our eBlasts for golf events and manages our Chapter web site.   

Contact Dee if you have any suggestions for our Chapter web site or eBlasts.     

Finance and Records Director

Jules Natowitz

Jules joined LPGA Amateurs - Westchester in 2015.  She has captained the Doral and Hampshire leagues since 2016 and joined the Board in 2018 as Finance Director where she handles all finances for the Chapter.   


Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs Name Email Address
Sponsorship Chair Lucy Guo
Golf Education Chair Mija Deering
Handicap Chair Donna Forshaw

Committee Members

Committee Members Name
Finance Committee Barbara Riccardi
Golf Education Committee OPEN
Golf Events Committee Kendall Crosswell, Sheila Finn, Brenda Levis, Linda Puopulo, Anne Brillantes
Membership Recruitment Committee Cindy Crowley
Sponsorship Committee Linita Shih

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